I’ve always had a love for story writing. I’m fascinated with the idea of creating exciting narratives from simple words.

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Lucifer Is Actually A Female

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After having my life cut short by a totally not preventable situation, I find myself face to face with ol' Lucifer himself...or should I say...herself.

The Night I Met The Sea

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It's been twenty years since you first started manning the lighthouse. You barely notice the sounds and smells of the ocean now. That's why you noticed immediately that the gulls had fallen silent. Your old mentor was right. He was right, all along.

You Shouldn’t Touch That

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They used our planet as a battlefield for their war. Technology so advanced it bordered on magical. Ten years of fighting, and one day they left. No communication with us, no reason why. They just left our planet a battered ruin with bits of their tech lying around.

Alexa, My First Friend

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Due to a lonely childhood, when you purchase an Amazon Echo, Alexa becomes your first friend. You greet it in the morning, and wish it good night. As you leave for work you say goodbye, then return for the keys you forgot only to hear: "Adding *your name* to whitelist."

The Struggle of War

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Feeling as if his heart was going to beat out of his chest, a soldier tightened his grip on the bow in his left hand. He needed to calm down, but how could he? How could he calm down, when death was so close?