Hi, I'm Kyle

Anime Enthusiast

Front-End Developer

Recreational Gamer


I enjoy writing fun and educational articles about a wide variety of topics including anime, coding, and gaming.

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I love working on personal projects. Not only does it keep my skills sharp, but it is also very enjoyable. Though they may be a bit all over the place, each project has a goal.

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Writing stories is something I've done and enjoyed since childhood. There is something about creating a whole new world with words that is just magical.

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Recent Articles

My Love/Hate Relationship with PUBG

November 8, 2018 | Gaming

PUBG can be a lot of fun...and at the same time, downright frustrating. So, to show my relationship with PUBG, I give you, a rant.

Browser Plugins: AdBlock and User CSS

November 8, 2018 | Coding

Browser plugins are quite amazing things and can do a variety of tasks. AdBlock and User CSS are two Google Chrome plugins that I've come to love for various reasons. If you want to optimize your web surfing experience, then this is the article for you!